Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Vintage Easter Items To Sell

I try not to save a lot of seasonal items to sell from year to year.  And if I do keep something, try to "reinvent" it for the next year.  

So I had this glass egg left over from last year.  Someone had decorated it decades ago with old millinery flowers.  I thought it was stunning all by itself, but apparently I was the only one.  (How do you like my green chalk paint on my thumbnail?)

For the 2014 Easter season I put it and two additional unadorned
glass eggs into a metal basket with a sheer antique hankie.

Last year I was inspired by the little millinery egg.  I had this
large glass egg which I almost entirely covered with millinery,
jewelry and other misc.  I enjoyed it myself last year, and this year I will sell it.

Last year I was purchasing "Easter Egg Chicken" eggs by the dozens from a
local farmer.  They came in hues of aqua, olive (my favorite!), tan and blues. 
I would carve a dime size hole out of the bottom and use the yolks.  The empty eggs I simply washed, put back in the carton and sold.  I had one dozen left from last year, so I painted this basket a complimentary color and loaded them in. I'll be taking them in next week sometime.

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