Monday, March 3, 2014

What Is -- And Isn't -- Selling

Just to lead off with this -- this is what is selling (or not) for ME.  My location in the Midwest, in an area that is still suffering economic decline, dictates that I sell a lot of $20 and under items.  If people aren't getting a great deal, they aren't going to open their pocketbooks.  So, I buy cheap and sell cheap.  A high percentage of my sales are to fellow dealers.  Fine with me, I want a quick turn around.  I have a relatively small indoor booth and an outdoor booth (yes, totally exposed to Midwestern snow and heat). 

  • painted frames for group wallhanging
  • blue ball jars
  • vintage floral plates (these are the plates that used to sell for $10-$18, now if I get them for a buck for two I can quickly resale for $5
  • jars of buttons -- or other small vintage items grouped in jars
  • vintage suitcases
  • wooden step ladders (I throw a coat of paint on them before selling)

 WHAT ISN'T SELLING:  (just a portion of my list that I must try to remember at auctions / sales)
  • rolling pins and vintage kitchen gadgets
  • mens hats and cowboy hats
  • clear OR colored glass
  • vintage children's dishes or toys
  • silverplate (everyone decorates their booths with it, I don't think it actually sells)
  • baby high chairs or carriages or cradles
  • vintage baby or children's clothing
  • printer block drawers
  • framed pictures, usually I can get more out of the frame than if I take the time to actually put a nice print in it.  I am talking about the average repro Victorian print that used to sell so well a few years ago.  The exception would be original artwork, numbered prints.  I am going to take an assortment of vintage floral pictures to the Topeka Show -- we'll see how they sell.
  • new items (I have my booth in a "decorator and vintage mall" so there are a lot of new items.  They don't work for me, and I vow to hearby stick to vintage and antique items.
  • Books.  Unless they fall into my lap, are incredible, or are in a 10 cent pile.  Forget it, they aren't worth the space.

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