Monday, May 12, 2014

5.9.14 Fridays Vintage Garage Sale Finds

Went to three garage sales Friday. Here are a few of the items I scooped up:

This is why I am still earning a "C" in photography.
Cut off the top of the vase and shadowy picture.
The mesh stand has three shelves and
is very cute.

Bamboo planter and metal
stand for the Outdoor Store.

Funky little scroll lamp.
Great rust.

Hanging pot holder.
Little tobacco stand or side table.
It had a poor paint stripping job done to it.
But some yummy areas of green and red
hints of paint still peeking through.

So I sanded down all the clumps
of dried stripper.

And touched up with some drybrushing of my
own similar green and red chalk paint. And touches
of black here and there.  I'll have a blog later about
naming furniture that I work on.  She is "Ithaca".

Also got a newer (yet sturdy)
 recessed shelf.  I did the same paint
 job on it.  She is "Halsey".

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