Friday, May 30, 2014

Still More Vintage Garden Containers - Thinking Outside The Pot

The succulents planters I've done have been selling great this last week.  I should say -- all the $8 and under ones have sold great.  So, I am going to have to make sure that they are all in that range.

This is such a great grouping, but I did price them
individually.  I have another set of these canisters
to plant as soon as these sell.
More "hen and chicks".
Got these containers at a garage sale,
and the heads bob up and down!
I already sold the plain terra cotta pot inside
an upcycled candle holder.
I did put a plastic pot inside of the terra cotta one,
because terra cotta can even suck the life out of a succulent.
I dipped the spoons to use as plant markers.
They are chalk paint, so just use permanent marker.
I am also using some as price markers in plants
that I am selling.
This cute little guy was keeping an eye on me while
I was working in the yard.

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