Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gardening With Vintage Treasures

This week I was finally brave enough to plant some flowers -- with hope that all threat of frost is finally over.  It gives my heart joy to dig in the earth, and an added joy-jolt if I can combine gardening and vintage treasures.

I added Japanese ferns, forget-me-nots and a
butterfly bush to my huge collection of perennials.

For annuals this year I primarily did yellow
marigolds, pink dianthus, and blue lobelia.

I used my cute little vintage wheelbarrow
to schlep everything around the yard.
Every year I plant some type of decorative vegetable to add variety -- this year I went crazy with "swiss chard bright lights".  I'm pretty sure that neither my husband or I will be eating any...but the colorful stalks were so appealing.

Tiny bright swiss chard plants about
 took over my herb washtubs.
I'll add more flower + junk picts on a different day.

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