Monday, May 26, 2014

Auction Finds From Sunday 5.18.14

I skipped church on Sunday (something I very rarely do) to attend TWO auctions.  Neither were awesome, but the weather was.  It was one of those rare spring days -- light breeze, sunny but not hot.  A great day to sit around and take in an outdoor auction.

The teal green table was a rare steal, with lots of age and character (like me;).  It was in great shape, all I had to do was touch up the "skirt" with paint.

I did a sample "color match" at Home Depot.  It turns out their sample sizes are on sale this week for $1.95!  So I picked up three other colors as well...

I am naming the table "Juniata".  I feel a teensy bit guilty claiming to resurrect a piece of furniture after only adding a little paint on the underside. 

My favorite find of the day was the Madonna figure.  I am not Catholic, but the Mary statue was so sweet.  I love the pair of pictures as well.

This chalkboard had some scratches --
nothing that a quick coat of chalkboard paint couldn't cure.


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