Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Blessings: Junking With A Childhood Friend 10.24.14

We moved in across the street from each other on the same day -- way back in 1969.  We were both eight years old.  We've been friends ever since.  Sure, some times we had more contact than others.  The last few years she's been flying from South Carolina to see me in the fall, so she can catch the leaves at peak color and catch a Nebraska football game the same weekend. 

I appreciated her help in redoing this little flower bed by my shed.  LOVE the vintage garden arbor thing.  She is a Master Gardener so I can't wait to see what this looks like in the spring -- we covered the area with daffodil bulbs and planted perennials on top.

I also appreciate that she is always willing to go junking with me, even though she is not a junker (gasp!) We hit two sales early Friday morning and they were both very productive.
My little town recently moved it's senior center off the square, so the first sale was liquidating everything left from the old senior center.  It didn't take me long to shake the early morning cobwebs and realize there were some great treasures to be had here: 

bingo blower machine
(we may have to have a Bingo Party before selling this baby),

many stacking texasware-like cups (beautiful confetti colors),

and this green table unearthed in the old basement to die for. We paid for our items and promised to pick them up later.  Onward...

An estate sale in a small town nearby was our next destination.  I wish I had such a helpful assistant every weekend.  My friend grabbed the stuff as soon as I picked it up and made a big stack for me. 

Cute suitcase,
print in cool frame,

several great Pyrex bowls,

 and this tin bread box.

I was blessed with great weather.  Blessed with gorgeous leaves.  Blessed with good friends.

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