Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Reflections" On A Trinketed Mirror

I had bought this mirror from Cindy in Lincoln.  It had a plainish, flatish gold frame.  The mirror itself was cloudy, chippy and cool looking.  At first I thought that I would paint the frame.  But the flat border was an invitation for festooning. 

Most of the stuff in my "junk drawer" is old, and a lot of it is metal which I thought would look good glued on the flat border.  I had a stash of small rectangular mirror pieces which were my inspiration.  I had poured these out over the surface of the big mirror to look at them, and liked that look so well that I glued some directly onto the mirror itself.  I also sacrificed the rest of my Cracker Jacks charms -- they were just the right size.

Oops, didn't get the R in the photo.
I love the final result.

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