Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Three Victorian Ceiling Light Fixtures

Sometimes I find several of the same thing over the course of a week. Or a day. One weekend I found three Victorian photo albums at three separate locations.  That was years ago and I don't think I have found a total of three since then.

I found two of these Victorian-era hanging lights last Saturday -- at two separate locations.  They probably date from between 1900-1930.  The same style of light is what we enjoy in our Victorian house.

More lightbulbs in the fixture meant a more important or public room.  These two would have probably been in the parlor.  The lightbulbs hang straight down and are meant to show.  Electricity was a newfangled invention and if you had it -- flaunt it.
Most are made of cheap metal or cast iron and painted to look like brass or gold with beautiful touches of color airbrushed on here and there.

This is a ceiling light that I purchased awhile ago,
and will put on ebay when I list the others.

The hanging ones came with "matching" ceiling medallions, which are also metallic looking with great subtle color.  I'm sure the colors in 1900 were not-so-subtle.

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