Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Piano Bench With A Fur Coat -- Furniture Redo

I bought the piano bench my last trip to Lincoln.  She was a little homely but had great legs.  She was wearing a brown vinyl covering over her cushion.  And who wouldn't look homely wearing brown vinyl?

First I dry brushed a little white over the legs and "skirt".  It brought out the fluted curves on the legs.

Next I lined the interior with vintage sheet music "Ain't She Sweet?"

Lastly I covered the vinyl with an old fur coat.  Tip:  buy old CHEAP fur coats that have some wear but are not molting (I usually get mine for $5 or less to upcycle).  I cut the fur a couple inches longer than the edges of the bench lid.  The bottom "hem" of the coat went along the front side of the bench, so no trimming required there.  I tacked along the front first (using a metal spatula for equal spacing.) 

Pulling the fur firmly, and then tacking it along the back, doing the sides last.  Then I just trimmed along the bottom edge of the lid with scissors.  I didn't tuck it under because it would have been too bunchy.  I did one of these with white fur and colored legs once, great combo.

The inside of the coat had the initials REH, so I named the piece "Rehanna".
Rehanna loves her new fur coat.

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