Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bird Cage Light Upcycle

I love the look of upcycled junk made into functioning light fixtures.  I just didn't picture myself as that person.  That person who knows enough about electricity not to kill themselves in the process.  That person who knows how to assemble lighting so it doesn't fall apart after two days.  Then I started finding items that would be so cute as upcycled light fixtures. 

And now in January I have some time to mess around with a project like that. So -- I bought a swag light kit and a socket at Mendard's.  Both purchases together were about $15.  This seemed a little pricey.  For my next couple projects I'm experimenting with extension cords and a socket (about $5 total).

This vintage birdcage came without a bottom, so it was a perfect upcycling candidate.

I confess my husband did most of the work.  The top was a pain, all the little wires had to be glued in place at the top.

Maybe someday I'll do a tutorial, but we are still working out the kinks.  I have about six more projects to practice on so then  I will be kink-free.  This upcycled baby is going to be for sale at St Joseph MO Antique Show over Valentine's Weekend. Visit their website:  St Joseph MO Antique Show

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  1. I do collect bird cages and think I may be able to make a lamp of one of them. Yours is very inspiring.

  2. I love junk lights! I recently found a bunch of bird cages on sale - I might have to make lights with some!


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