Saturday, January 31, 2015

Vintage Buttons On Ebay

Yes, this is one of my annual January ebay auction categories.  I am not a serious button collector -- although I do have one jar of "special buttons".  I am notorious for selling everything or anything for the right price, so although I am attracted to these buttons -- I do have a child I'm helping through college -- so they are going on the ebay auction block.

These flower pot buttons have all the bells and whistles --
on original card,
and cute as a button!
Also bakelite, and two-toned to boot.
Another card of bakelite tested buttons!
If forced to choose, bakelite buttons would be my favorites.
Three cards of matching mother-of-pearl buttons.

Two cards of tiny glass buttons in excellent condition.

Sweet little ribbon buttons,
picturing them on a little girls' dress.
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