Friday, June 5, 2015

Hay Hook Hat Coat Hanger

When I bought these three hay hooks at an auction, everybody looked at me like I was Jack The Ripper. 

I wasn't thinking they looked dangerous as much as I thought that they had a cool look to them (and if you have ever tossed hay bales you know they are a blessing). 

I went to my shed to see what pieces of wood I had laying
around that I could mount them on.

I found this rough sawn (hewn?) piece of pine
that I've had for years.
Just waiting for the right project.

I only had to sand it a little before
adding the hay hooks.

I added a hefty chain for hanging this bad boy.
Ready to hang your hat on.


  1. You've officially set me into a frenzy over this project... it's gorgeous! Jack the Ripper or not! haha Featured you this weekend on Party Junk!

  2. thanks Donna. I love your blog, your Party Junk parties, and your inspiration. sharon

  3. I've been collecting the hooks for just such a reason. Love it! Inspires me to finish mine!


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