Thursday, June 18, 2015

Making A Case For Vintage Suitcases

It's happened before -- it seems like there are periods of time when certain items seem to come to me in flocks, in droves. This week it was vintage suitcases.  Which is fine with me, I love them.  I ended up with five in four days. 

Pretty cool ones at that!
Love me some colored vintage Samsonite suitcases.  I grew up in a "tan Samsonite" household.  I have a son that collects the blue.  These are a gorgeous shade of green and the interior is in excellent condition.  I had to scrub the tan trim with my "go to" magic eraser.  It wasn't easy, but it got rid of the sticky residue that plagues the trim on  these vintage beauties.
The name on the vintage TWA identification sticker matches the MJW initials on both suitcases.  These things weigh a ton when they are empty, I can't imagine lugging them around an airport.  I already took them into my Rusty Chandelier booth.
This guy is circa 1940s, with stickers from 1951-54.
(Even back then the parents sent the old suitcases to college with their kids.)
I imagine some KU fan doing the dance of joy when he receives this in the mail.

Here is the flip side.  It is already listed on ebay.
I picked up this black leather one today.
I couldn't believe it was empty because it was
so freakishly heavy.

Another one that got hauled around an airport.
Last but not least.
Small leather one actually once held
toiletries.  In outstanding condition inside and out.
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