Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Railroad Auction Vintage Finds 5.30.15

Saturday I planned on attending an outdoor auction that was close to home.  We are in a crazy rain cycle so I knew there would be mud, with chance of rain.  Sigh.  Should I even go?

It wasn't the most exciting  (or cheapest) auction I've ever attended, but I did get some cool railroad related items.

I got quite a few insulators.
 I'm not quite sure how they are railroad related, but they are.
Some will go on ebay, some in my booth and some in my garden.
Lanterns for the INSIDE of the train cars, the caboose specifically is mentioned when I researched it.  I just bought the separate pieces, someone else got the fully assembled model with the chimney, and now I wish I would have bid on it. 
Very cool 1922 Burlington railroad lantern with red glass.
Two brass plaques which are railroad property markers.
I learned a lot about railroad items during and after the sale.
I love that in this business you are always learning and evolving.
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  1. You did good! Love the lanterns and those unusual markers. Thanks so much for sharing your treasures at Vintage Inspiration Party.


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