Thursday, June 16, 2016

Never Enough Quilts

As I mentioned in my last post, we "sailed" while attending my family reunion in Nebraska.  Click on that post here

All of these quilts or quilt pieces came from that small town city-wide garage sale, actually just from one sale.

The number of quilts I purchased may seem a little extreme, or perhaps more like hoarding -- but as the sign says "Never Enough Quilts" (sign also purchased from the same sale!).

The above two red ones are my favorites, I paid $25 for the pair.
I'll probably sell them around Christmas time.
This quilt top had a lot of nice feedsack squares.
I bought two sections (meaning good size pieces) of crazy quilt.
They were only a couple bucks each, and I'll find a project for them.
I also bought bag of quilt blocks,
they sell well on ebay.
I bought these pieces thinking they were quilt blocks,
they turned out to be a deconstructed quilt top
(someone had cut it apart.)  So I reunited them again,
just in a banner form.
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