Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Patriotic Window & Shelf Combo

In my personal experience, no project is ever easy.  I got a vintage shelf in a box of junk at an auction weeks or months ago.  It wasn't horrible enough to put on the curb in my notorious free pile.  I thought that an "easy" :{ project would be attaching it to an old window.

What happened here?
As I often tell me husband...
you don't even want to know.
Let's just say my troubles had not even begun at this point.
 After a few weeks I located a window.
I should say I finally located a cheap window that was close to the proper size.
But to satisfy my sense of fung shai the shelf supports had to be moved.
Attaching it was fairly easy with my new cordless driver.
Since this stage occurred mid-June,
I decided to paint the window in a patriotic theme.
I painted the red and blue parts, waiting for them to dry.
Then I painted the entire back white.
I finally got it taken into my booth this week.
It all takes time...and patience.
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  1. Love the patriotic painting you've done on this window! Make s a great shelf :) Thanks so much for linking it up with Vintage Charm--


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