Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Vintage Garden Glimpses

Vintage junk and gardening ... a perfect combination.  Both the junk and flowers in my  gardens change from year to year, week to week.

My drooping wisteria is what led me to grab
my camera and head outside.

This was some part of a stove,
great finial.

This pretzel-like cast iron piece is one of my favorite pieces,
and probably the oldest garden piece I own.

Here is a good idea of what to do with a
bird bath base that has lost it's top.

I bought this gate many years ago,
it would go with me if I ever moved.

I purchased this loveseat early this spring,
I sat it here to hose it off and liked it so well
in this location that it is staying where it landed.

I have two wash boilers that I have planted.
I love the look and the height.
I have every kind of junk in my yard,
including the kitchen sink.
Love the moss on this old urn,
and FYI it is on the south side of the urn.
Lest you think my whole yard looks good....
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