Sunday, June 26, 2016

Vintage Themed Anniversary Party

Katie, a junking friend of mine, hosted a huge anniversary party in honor of her parents.  The huge amount of time and planning really paid off in the end.  It was a gorgeous soiree.  Full of some great vintage entertainment ideas.

There were a couple of these "family trees",
with photocopied picts pinned to the tree.
Yes, I do take credit for stenciling the signs.

A table with bugspray offered some protection,
probably needed more when it got dark and these awesome
light fixtures were turned on.

Yummy homemade desserts were served
 off the back of this beauty.

Here is a view of the truck from the front.  Wow.

And here is a close-up of the desserts. YUM.
I had a piece of carrot cake that was 2die4.

The tables were set up in a shady persimmon grove.

Katie had made yards of these cute garlands
from old cutter quilts.

Loved the centerpieces on all of the tables.
They had a "Wish" jar available to write well wishes
to the couple.

Vintage décor abounded.

The evening was a little warm,
but these vintage containers were full of icy drinks.

You can read the history of the above glider
by clicking here.  It has settled into it's new home nicely.

One of Katie's signature creations --
flower vase branches.
They lined the sidewalk and driveway.
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