Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August Local On-Line Auction Finds & Tips

I feel more confident each time I participate in one of these on-line auctions.  I have learned to bid a little more than what my cheap-skate self feels comfortable with.  After all, I am not spending all day in the hot sun at an auction waiting for one little thing.

 I try to bid initially early in the two week auction.  Then all the items I am interested in appear in "MY LIST".  I can decide later if I need to up my bid, but at this point I can see everything I am interested in at one glance. 

I look it over again a few days before the end date, do I need to increase any bids?  Do I still need / like that item?  Is it too big? (Storage is at a premium at this point in the buying year.)  Can I make enough money from it to be worthwhile?


It also gives me a few days to decide / decipher what I am looking at in the auction photo.
I kind of thought this looked like it might be a camp blanket in the middle of this stack.  But none of the other items in the pile appeared to be vintage.  So, what price is worth a gamble of it being a camp blanket?

As you can see, it turned out to be a great southwestern motif.

I'm selling it on ebay.

The exterior of this box appeared cooler than in the auction photo.

I love the stenciled numbers.

The graphics on this tool box did not appear in the photo,
but it was still available when I went to pick up my other stuff and I was able to purchase it.

This cool photo was taped to the corner of the toolbox.
Probably a very memorable time in one man's life.
Already sold.

Cast iron is not one of my favorites,
but I love the handle on this piece.
This little bench was hidden behind a bunch of gardening stuff
in the on-line photo.  Most of these auctions require you to take
everything that was in the photo that you won.  Be prepared.
Take boxes.  Realize the auction people are busy and will not
be able to help you load.
It only took a little sanding and paint for it
to look cute as can be.
This was my favorite purchase,
my husband liked it so much that it ended up in our yard.
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  1. Some fantastic buys! That blanket is really something, and I love the light fixtures in your first photo and the metal thing-a-ma-bobs in the second. The online auction scene seems to be working for you :) Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm--


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