Wednesday, August 17, 2016

JUNKING OLYMPICS Vintage Finds 8.13.16

In my last post I mentioned the Saturday morning junking olympics we had,
click here to see some of the sights.
Two flea markets, an auction and a garage sale all under our belts before noon.
Mornings like this is why we eat our Wheaties and run all those miles
(and by we I mean just my husband.)
I've indicated which event we made the purchase from.
 Auction -- gorgeous yellow and aqua plastic Firestone clock radio.
The clock part still works.  From the 1950s.

Auction -- nicely aged croquet balls.
The sport of croquet is about my speed.
Garage Sale -- I actually picked up SIX of these little
birthday angels, but two were imperfect.
These four will fly off to ebay.

Flea Market -- I found two of these, and my husband found two.
Then a friend came by with THREE more a couple days later.
I should win a gold medal for my pulley collection.

Flea Market -- I saw the seller driving to her spot and ran up and knocked
and her truck window.  "How much are the lawn chairs?"  SOLD!
I was the winner by just a few meters,
someone else had asked the same question before she ever got out of her truck.
One must be passionate and persistent !
Auction -- A trap of some kind.

Flea Market -- The guy handmade this who sold it to me.
I LOVE how authentic it looks.
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  1. Some of us don't mind imperfects! If a piece is nicely mended/painted over to match, etc, I pick it up anyway. Sometimes you can offer, buy 2, get the mended one free!


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