Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Time For Antique Clocks

In the last month I have gone overboard with antique clocks. I have purchased three, maybe four. 
I just like the look of them, they don't have to work -- just sitting on a shelf, they infuse a sense of style.

Look at the feet on this beauty!

The ornate detailing really takes this clock over the top.

Whenever I get one of the aged beauties cheap,
I think to myself "just the face alone is worth that."
The face is what really draws me in.

The information on the back really gives a sense of age.

Love the look of all the gears.
After I brought it home and set it down,
it proceeded to keep perfect time for several days!
Now listed on ebay.
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  1. Vintage clocks are so pretty. I love them too, but don't have but a couple. Love the ones you showed.


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