Thursday, August 25, 2016

In Love With Hammered Pewter Spraypaint

Rustoleum Hammered Pewter Spraypaint.  I am not an official spokesperson (or unofficial) for this product, but I find myself using it all the time.

My Make-A-Mess-Monday this week was centered around using it.  I had picked up an old fan last week that had good lines, but seen better days. The spraypaint covered the rust very nicely.  Hammered Pewter made all the difference.

Here is what the shabby gray base (and body)
of the fan looked like when I got it from the local on-line auction.
This is what it looked like afterwards.
And it would have probably looked even better
if I had actually cleaned the fan first.
It gives items a nice vintage look, but not flat. 
 It somehow creates the hammered pattern and I love it.
I used it on this funky mid-century pottery vase.
I think I will rub a little stain on it to create some depth.
I also have recently used it on a wooden curtain rod and
metal curtain holders.  Love.

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