Sunday, September 27, 2015

Halloween Upcycled Vintage Hats 2015 Edition, Part II

This is the second part of the reveal on the 2015 Halloween Upcycled Hat Collection.  Click  here  to check out Part I (hats 1-7).  The somewhat eerie, vintage hat parade continues:

#8  Last year my Halloween hats had titles.  The title of this one would have been "I'm The King Of The World!"  Made with a crown and little skeleton from Dollar Tree.

#9  I loved the sparkly orange tarantula so much, that I just added a few more sparkly orange highlights.  Killer hat.

#10  Snake hat.  I liked this one so well, that I made a second one.

#11  Loved the sparkly tarantulas from Dollar Tree this year.  They also had dark purple roses that paired well with the creepy crawlers.

Couldn't resist taking an early morning photo of this little guy,
he went along so well with my theme.
And his web is awesome.
#12  It is a little hard too tell, but the "photo" is a Dollar Tree transparent
adhesive.  I had a broken old frame that fit it perfectly.
I also added the feathers, veil and ribbon.
#13  This is the little beauty that I did the most work on.  I sewed on the flat brim.
I glued florist Styrofoam on to the top and poked in black and purple flowers.
Plus a little sparkly tinsel.
#14  OH RATS! Hat.  My dad gave the hat to me as a joke.
 Because it had a hole in it, he thought it was ready for hat heaven.
Little did he know.
Click  here  to see how it got featured on Funky Junk Interiors
(lower right of photo) a few months ago.
And now this.  Maybe it has nine lives.
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  1. How much fun are these….! Certainly goes to show, they aren't Grandmother's Hats anymore…LOL, Fun post, Sandi

  2. You sure have put together a fun collection of Halloween hats! Thanks for visiting and for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.


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