Friday, September 4, 2015

Halloween Upcycled Vintage Hats 2015 Edition, Part I

I collect cheap vintage ladies hats all year -- $2 or less per hat is my rule.  This year I think I have 20.  All of them have seen better days, so you don't have to feel sorry for any of them.  Most are dark colored, but a few are white.  Any that are not black, are given a coat or two of flat black spraypaint.  Then the fun.

#1 Thanks to Dollar Tree (I say this out of a deep appreciation, not because they sponsor me in any way) for offering $1 Halloween decorations to spice up my hats...their new addition this year is these great glittery flies!

#2  I was thinking that I needed to buy some black roses from Dollar Tree but ended up going to an auction and getting some white Hobby Lobby roses that I just sprayed black.

I bought this half of a doll head for 25 cents at a church sale.  The lady who donated it said that she couldn't bear to throw it out.  Lucky for me.

#3 This hat came with the cutest veil, with black polka dots. 

I wanted the veil to continue to be the star.
So I glittered a few bugs and pinned them on.

#4  Really ugly doll head didn't sell on ebay, so I gave her a plume and a veil to mimic the hat she is sitting on.

#5  Inserted another doll head in center of this hat, surrounded it with some of the flowers I mentioned above.

#6  I purchased this nest with bird at a garage sale last week.
It fit perfectly on this flat-topped hat.

"What's In Your Nest?" 
For this sweet little bird the answer is skeleton bits.
#7  The same day I made hat #6 this trashy little
nest appeared in my yard.
Not one to waste...

I added a bird, a few little bones and attached it to the top
of this elegant hat.
Special thanks to my very patient model Bionca.
(If you have never seen "Lars and The Real Girl"
you've missed a great movie on the healing power of kindness.)
More hats coming soon...

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