Tuesday, October 18, 2016

County Old Fashioned Fall Festival

Our county in Northwest Missouri was celebrating it's 175th anniversary last week.  There were about four days packed with activities, and I think each person in the county population was drafted to help for one or more of those events. 

I had my back yard raided (they know where to come for
the rusty junk!) to fill out the "photo booth" area.
Yep, about every thing metal in this photo is mine.
How cute is this family?

There was a flea market around the square on Saturday.
The gazebo featured different entertainers
about every thirty minutes.

Here is the courthouse in all of her glory.

All three lumberjacks have a day job --
and lately it has been working on windows at my house.
Here they supervised people using a cross saw to cut
a log section which was then stenciled with the 175th
logo and given to the sawees.

Frog jumping contest, three legged race, pie eating contest,
a petting zoo, and pumpkin painting all
provided great entertainment for kids and adults.

It was great fun to see young families
enjoying the "old timey" entertainment.
I couldn't resist including a photo of our newly renovated
barbershop on the square
(where I get my hair cut!)

My friend Kim had a booth at the flea market, she did a brisk
business selling the signs she makes from vintage metal.

This t-shirt features the logo
my husband created for the weekend.
Sunday was the icing on the cake.
PERFECT fall weather graced the community
church service at the park.
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