Friday, October 14, 2016

Leather Topped Vintage Dental Table

I recently won an antique dental table from a local on-line auction.  It was AWESOME, except for the top.  Below is a photo from the auction.  I couldn't even tell what the top was (or if it were -gag- blood-stained).

It turns out that it was felt, and the reddish areas were the true color of the felt.

Here (another auction photo) is the underside of the table.  Fortunately  the lovely oak with the great patina was only a "frame" to the pine with the felt glued on.  You can see that by removing the oak "frame" (carefully) I was able to sand the felt off of the pine surface without touching the outside oak. 

I had saved a small piece of thin upholstery leather for such a time as this.  I knew that I wanted to "upholster" the naked pine piece with the leather.  After cutting the leather to size I used spray rubber cement on both the back of the leather and on the pine top.  After letting them both dry separately I pressed them together (you only get one shot at this, so be careful!)

I cut niches out on the corners so that when it was folded under it wouldn't bunch up -- the oak "frame" fit pretty tightly around the pine rectangle.  Then I folded the extra leather under the pine and pushed in some tacks to hold it in place. 

Then the scary moment --- was the oak piece still going to fit over the pine?  YES, success.  Mostly.  One corner was a little bunchy had to be cut with an exacto knife.

Really the whole thing only took about 1.5 hours, and for me that is a quickie project.  Especially for such a beautiful result.

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