Thursday, October 6, 2016

Shopping Nebraska Furniture Mart For Bay Window Seating

I ranted about my bay window seating problem here .  What would endure several cats and large adult sons?  I drove by a house recently with really great outdoor seating and it hit me -- great outdoor seating can hold up to giant sons and three cats!

We have a Nebraska Furniture Mart near us (lots of selection, cheap prices, AND they carry the Fixer Upper Magnolia Line).  So it was just a matter of perusing on-line to decide what would look best.

These are the three my husband narrowed it down to.  Then it was left to Katie and I to figure out the winner.  All three had a traditional vintage vibe.  All three would be easy to clean.  All three would fit well in the nook and could be made to look cozy.
All three could transition to outside, or even another house someday.  DRUMROLL.  And the winner is...  the last one!
Now to order on-line and sit back waiting for delivery!

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