Monday, October 10, 2016

Halloween Poison Apothecary Bottles 2016

Some years I have accumulated many cheap antique apothecary bottles for this project.  And this year...not so many.  That gave me the opportunity to go slow, and enjoy the decorating.

Here is Group A.  Most of these bottles were "dug" (from the ground)
so I didn't have to do anything to age them.
The labels include some from Dollar Tree,
some from Michael's, and some free on-line labels.

Not all the bottles had corks, but that doesn't bother me.
The one at left I attached a broken old doll head to the top.
And after this photo I put a slightly damaged chandelier crystal
upside down in the top of the Eye of Newt bottle.

Group B.  Then almost all of them get a little 3-D bling.
Anything from plastic creepy crawler to old jewelry.

Love the dolly arm stopper on the Frog's Blood bottle.
To see some of my apothecary bottles from a different year,
click HERE
These were somewhat more generic bottles that I
whipped up after finding a stash of keys.
More to come...
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