Saturday, April 1, 2017

My First Construction Project -- Planter Box Holders

Last fall I re-painted the exterior main floor of our house.  I removed two windowboxes that had lodged under our front windows for a couple of decades.  Argh -- wood rot.  I used "plastic wood" and rocks to fill in the holes and soft areas (this is not a professional recommendation -- maybe not even a good idea). So, no more windowboxes. But I like the windowbox look so much😞...

So I bought a couple of tall metal planter stands last fall, just to give me hope that I could put together a sort of "windowbox" look.  Last weekend I took measurements and went out to buy the long rectangular planter boxes to fit inside (ouch, $17 each for ugly plastic).

I thought the plastic planter boxes were hideous, and the color did not go great with our house color.  Sigh. What if I built a wooden corral of sorts (out of the salvaged wood I used in my bathroom remodel) to set the planter boxes in?  That's the ticket!  Except I have never actually "built" anything with an electric saw, drills, screws, etc.  How hard could it be?

Harder (and more time consuming) than one would think.  Next time I would measure four times and cut once, rather than measuring once and cutting four times.  Plus I did not plan for the outward slope of  the sides of the planter box in my calculations.  In the end I had to hack off the top rim of the expensive plastic planter boxes to have them fit inside of the wooden holders.

I give myself a C+ on my first construction project.  A full letter grade just for trying.  I definitely do like the primitive look better than the plastic.  It looks pretty decent from a distance (just don't examine them too closely).  And they will look brilliant when they are planted with cheerful flowers.

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  1. hahaha, that's why I get the hubby to do all my building projects for me :)

    I like them. You did good for the 1st time.


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