Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fouled Anchor U.S. Navy Dishes

A couple of weeks ago I did a post on my first set of
U.S. Navy restaurantware dishes that I bought at auction.
Click here to see that post. 
This is the second set, and I actually like it even more than the first set.
These display a "fouled anchor" on each one.
A "fouled anchor" is an anchor with a section of cable entwined around it.

24 Dinner Plates

6 Saucer Plates

24 7" Bread or Dessert Plates

8 6" Bread or Dessert Plates
All unused.
All heading to ebay.


  1. okay, I learned something new. when you said fouled, I thought something was wrong with them

    good luck on ebay

  2. me too, and probably that is the original meaning...because you don't want a bunch of rope wrapped around your anchor. I had to look up the meaning, people were using on ebay referring to that pattern. buying junk is always educational, right?

  3. It is. I looked at ebay and etsy selling rules yesterday. I don't think I want to do ebay. I might start doing etsy. But, really thinking I'm going to wait closer to my retirement.


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