Monday, July 24, 2017

On-Line Auction Finds 7.20.2017

There have not been many garage sales or auctions lately, due to the excess heat.  So an on-line auction was welcome.  I bid low, and carefully, because I am trying to "clear out".  Looking for: EASY on the pocketbook, EASY to haul, EASY to get ready to sell, EASY to sell. Here are the few "EASY" items that I ended up with:

 I didn't mind the white spray paint as much as the permanent 
marker on these six sewing machine drawers.  I like the assortment.

All I did was a bit of light sanding to
get rid of the sharpie marks and bring out the details.

 The document box had duct tape over the top....

It took some scrubbing with goo-gone,
but turned out cute.

 I didn't have to do anything to this metal tool carrier,
I even left the old wrenches in it.

This will be an ebay item.
Hard to tell, but it is a rations box from WW2 or Korean War.

 And another tool carrier.
I added matching gray paint to the ends.

 And added one of my wall adhesives.

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  1. I like them. I'm thinking about ebay or etsy. I have things, I want to get rid of. I know that trying to garage sale them would be pointless.
    I'll have to read how to sell on them.

  2. the rations box will go on ebay. but everything else i will try to sell at my booth at a "decorator mall" (old, new, repurposed all under one roof). if you have a place like that it is a good way to get started.

  3. Really cute stuff. WWII items are hot sellers here. Good luck.

  4. Wonderful finds! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm--pinned!


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