Wednesday, July 12, 2017

In The Millinery Business

I purchased all of the hats in this post at the 7.01.2017 auction.
 I went a little hog wild on hats.
I basically bought all of these (and about 25 more)
for about $1 each.

Most of the hats in this post are straw hats.
I find when I put things on ebay it helps if I do it in categories.

This cutie also had flowers on the outside of the
satin streamers.

I thought that this one was such a great shape.

I love all the different shapes and sizes,
the adornments....

and mostly the millinery flowers.

 These will be listed on ebay,
others will be for sell in my booth,
and some will get "enhanced" for Halloween.

Vintage Charm Party with My Thrift Store Addiction 


  1. I wish I could get motivated to try and sell some things on ebay. But, I don't want to have to do the shipping. That seems like a pain.
    You did good. I'm sure they will do good for you.

    1. you are so right, shipping is major pain. but a few years ago my husband decided to be my "shipping department". He has 6 weeks off in the summer, so I try to ramp up my ebay business then.

  2. These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing @ Vintage Charm--pinned!