Thursday, July 6, 2017

Patriotic Auction Finds 7.01.2017

Last Saturday I spent most of the day at an auction.  It was local, and my husband was able to load / unload the van twice for me while I stayed to bid.  Whew.  I bought alot, and felt like I got some good deals.  One of the things that surprised me, was how many patriotic purchases I made.  The lady had obviously collected patriotic items.  The surprise was that I purchased them.

I am a patriotic red, white and blue in my heart -- not my decorating. Plus, I knew I couldn't price and get the items into my booth before the Fourth of July.  Oh well, sometimes buying patterns just happen.

These plates are enamel on metal,
and are worth putting on ebay.

I really liked the Fenton plate but it is not
worth diddly-squat.  I bought 9 of the eagle paperweights
and they seem to do better on ebay.  I only paid $1 each,
so I feel pretty confident. 

This is a hand painted Fenton plate, trying it on ebay.
I got STACKS of patriotic plates for $4 total.


  1. You got a lot of good things. Good luck selling them.

  2. Love your vintage finds. That Fenton Eagle plate would look great in a patriotic vignette.

  3. Wow! Great scores ~ thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  4. Love the Patriotic stuff; you may be able to sell some of it for Veteran's day. My patriotic stuff goes up just before Memorial Day for Flag Day till after 7/4. 25 years of working @ a VA has made me a bit more patriotic than most, I guess!


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