Monday, October 30, 2017

William Henry Chandler Original Pastel Drawing

Have you ever seen "Fun With Flags" with Sheldon on the "Big Bang Theory" ?
I feel like I should call this the "Fun With Artists" or "Monthly Artist Spotlight".
Last month I posted on two Maxfield Parrish prints,
click here to read that post.

Last week I was a vendor at an antique show,
and I took this drawing to sell.  

I had purchased it 5-10 years ago
because I liked the frame. (Great, isn't it?)
 It has been hanging in our bedroom since then. We are getting rid of some of our
personal collection and this was something that landed on the "to go" side.

 While at the show, someone more knowledgeable
than myself commented that Chandler was a well-known artist
and that I should do more research on him.
So here it is....

William Henry Chandler (1854-1928)
William Henry Chandler has come to be known as America's foremost pastel artist. This is due,in part, to the indisputable fact that Chandler is this country's most prolific pastel artist. No other artist is responsible for more pastel art than Chandler. Beautiful landscapes,winter landscapes,wonderful marine and seascapes, still life fruit and fowl. Chandler's work portrays the feel and essence of a bygone era untouched by the course of human progress.
Chandler was a popular artist in his own time. His style was frequently copied by other artists of the era.  He was greatly influenced by the Hudson River School of Art. In turn, it is said that his work influenced other artists, such as Maxfield Parrish.

Remember last month's "featured artist"?  Yeah, that's right.
None other than Max himself.

 I don't recall hearing about Chandler in any of my
Art History classes.  But to tell you the truth,
I was never real keen on pastels.

But now that I know that this original pastel might
be worth something, it is looking better and better.
Listing it on ebay soon.

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  1. I always enjoy learning more about the history of the treasures I find, too. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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