Thursday, February 27, 2014

St Joseph MO Blob Top Bottle

I've been in love with vintage bottles forever.  While planting tulip bulbs in our back yard my husband came across a batch of circa 1900 bottles.  Not surprising since we live in an 1895 Victorian home.  Those bottles are still displayed in my kitchen. 

But dozens of cool bottles have come and gone since.  This one I purchased last summer, and meant to take to the St Joseph antique show but forgot it in the kitchen window.  So now I am trying to sell it on ebay. I absolutely love the color.

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  1. Sharon,

    Kevin put me on to your blog. This post reminds me of the whiskey flask I have on a shelf in my studio. I found it in a somewhat hidden space in my childhood house and kept it. It's probably not an antique, but I liked the discovery of it enough to keep it.


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