Saturday, April 25, 2015

Assembling A Junk Wall At The Rusty Chandelier

The Rusty Chandelier, located north of St Joseph, MO is where I sell my junk.  They were interested in redoing their café eating area, located upstairs.  Barb asked if she could bounce some ideas off of me.  We both thought a primitive junk driven theme was the way to go.

The walls started out this light gray with the darker gray wainscoting.

Walls were painted...a rust color of course (see color on left).  Traditional wainscoting was removed and replaced with old corrugated tin.  What a great blank canvas!

Kevin & Angie (the business owners) brought in a load of interesting bits and pieces.
It was heaven having cool stuff to choose from, to create a great backdrop.

But the best part was having someone with the skill and tools to get is all hung.  Rusty (I kid you not, that is his name) very patiently waited for me to arrange all of the junk artfully on the floor.  Then it was time for him to work his magic, getting all of the rusty stuff on the walls. I actually left for a trip and didn't see the finished walls until I got back...

What a beautiful sight to return to!
Rusty did a great job hanging, and the rusty color
really made all of the stuff pop.
This is just "phase one" of the junk renovation.
Rusty had to go turkey hunting so phase two will have to wait.
Come see the renovation at the Rusty Chandelier's
"Rusty Café".  Located north of St Joseph MO at the intersection
of Hwy 71 and I-229.


  1. Very cool -love all the rusty goodness.

  2. This is awesome--I would love to enjoy a coffee there and soak in the lovely junk!


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