Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring Junk Buying Trip To Lincoln

My dad and his wife live in Lincoln, twice a year their neighborhood hosts a weekend of garage sales.  Click here and here to see past Lincoln neighborhood sales. Traditionally it is a great opportunity to: take a road trip, visit my dad, buy some junk and eat good food.  Plus I always take a friend and have a lot of laughs. 

This is the third Nebraska junking trip with Katie, how brave is she?

We arrived Wednesday night, and visited my friend Cindy.  We know her sale will be set up and ready to roll.  Usually that one stop makes it worth the whole trip, and this year she certainly did not disappoint.  (This is her husband Steve attaching treasures to the top of my van!)

We purchased about 1.5 vanloads of junk from her, problem is -- we only have the one van!  And there were two more days of junking ahead!

"Hey Dad!  Can I leave a few things with you?"

The next morning we rolled out early for our garage saling marathon.
We strapped even more to the top of the van.
We wrapped up about lunch time, just in time to enjoy a Nebraska tradition -- Valentino's Pizza.  This is where the fun traditionally ends...but this year it was only leg one of junking.   Stay tuned for part two.



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  1. Lincoln UK here....Oh dear , i was just thinking that id missed loads of local garage sales then it clicked ...Doh ...USA not UK


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