Monday, April 20, 2015

I'm Out Junk Container Gardening (Finally!)

 Mondays are my gardening day, weather permitting.  Now when my father talks about gardening, he is talking vegies.  Now when I "garden", it almost never means vegies.  But it could mean digging out dandelions, edging, trimming bushes or trees, planting or tidying. 

And this time of year it always means planting succulents in vintage containers for resale.  I have an "outdoor booth" where I sell fun vintage yard and garden décor,
which includes a booming business of succulents in junk containers.

This colorful reptile has been a resident in our yard for at least a year.
He made an appearance today when I was outside.
Our cat thinks he is part of a catch & release program.
About once a week the cat finds the garter snake,
chases it around for awhile and then lets it go.
Fun for at least one of them.
So the temps have finally moderated enough that I
braved planting my first succulents of the season.
Who knows where I got this faux wringer washer planter.
I added the enamel pan planter
and a nice helping of rusty junket.

Three more gems from the Hastings trip.
Yes, I got my antique stamps out for them too.
See more of my planter stamping obsession here.

These are nice small hanging chicken feeders
(in their old life).

If it ever stops raining,
I'll be able to get some more junk planters potted up.
These plants are at my outdoor booth at the Rusty Chandelier
just north of St Joseph MO on I-29 and Hwy 72 intersection.


  1. I'm visiting from the Vintage Inspiration party--congrats on your feature. Love your blog! I'm a vintage blogger too :)

  2. I love your succulents but not your snake. Yikes. That thing is huge... The junk container gardens are great. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. That snake almost scared me off! EEEUUUU!!!!! But I moved on and enjoyed your treasures with their succulents! I also love your blue and white dishes! I'm also a vintage blogger! ; )

  4. I love your vintage planters! The 'Grow Up' one is my fave - so cute! I'm glad you let your snake live in your garden - they are so beneficial. Visiting from 'My Salvaged Treasures. Karen

  5. I love all of your planters, such clever ideas. Thanks so much for sharing your treasures at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  6. Oooh I would love to live near you. I would definitely be visiting your outdoor booth! Love your succulent planters too! I tried one last year and it got so muddy I had to transplant everything in the ground!


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