Friday, April 3, 2015

Vintage Easter Baskets Planted With Live Wheat Grass

I have been wanting to try these for several years.  I accumulated these Easter baskets over the last year, limiting myself to $1 or less per basket.  I love the hard plastic ones, I think I got those out of a free pile. Bonus, I didn't have to put a plastic liner in the hard plastic ones.

I am glad that I only came across six baskets, I had a hard enough time getting six together and ready in advance of Easter.

I read a couple of blogs about growing wheat grass.
But really they were tutorials for those who want to eat it for nutritional benefits.

I didn't order enough to fill the containers as densely as I would have liked.
I ended up scattering some regular grass seed into the soil, but it didn't
have time to germinate.  Sigh.

I managed to catapult this basket across the porch in the process of picture taking.  All of the eggshells were smashed to oblivion.  I used the nest to fill the "blank" spot where all the soil and grass had spilled out.


Back to the issue of sparse grass...I ended up sifting florist moss down over the soil and between the blades of grass.  Definitely looked better than bare soil.

I used craft paint to color the egg shells, a different color for inside and outside.
Bottom line:  I probably would not do them again.  It was fun for one Easter.

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  1. Reminds me of my childhood Easter crafts :)
    Happy Easter!

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