Saturday, May 30, 2015

Look What I'm Keeping

I rarely keep anything that I buy while I'm out junking.  It's my business, so I don't have too much of a problem keeping an emotional distance from the items I buy.  Very rarely I have a hard time parting with something.   But...brown transferware is on my short "keeper" list. 

I found this large set of dishes on my junking journey to Lincoln in April.  (Click here to read that post). It was a fundraiser yard sale, nothing was priced.  I asked about the dishes...big mistake.  She had me at "A pioneer couple from Nebraska used the money from their first wheat harvest for them..." 

Really?  Like I need another set of dishes?  And then there was the price, I knew I couldn't pay what they were really worth.  She knew she couldn't get anything close to what they were really worth at a yard sale.  I ended up paying enough to make my wallet hurt a little, but not put me in the poor house.  I even suffered a little buyers regret for a few weeks, until I recently got back to Lincoln to pick them up (I had to leave some things at my dad's house because we bought so much!)

I opened up the boxes...
and instantly fell back in love again.

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