Saturday, October 3, 2015

This Past Weekend's Vintage Finds 9.26.15

A quick review of last weekend's junking opportunities:

1. Friday morning garage sales.  I really only purchased one item of note, but what a great item it was!

25 FEET of vintage cowboy fabric!
Going on ebay!

2.  Friday night tiny town auction.  (click   here    to check our past adventures at this auction which takes place the last Friday evening of each month ). 

I took advantage of the fact that my husband was with me
to purchase some heavy junk. 

Besides this gorgeous woodburning stove,
I also picked up two old doors, two ladders...
 and a very cool old record player.

I looked so skinny in my shadow,,,,
I wish it were closer to reality.
3.  Saturday morning we got up early (unloaded) and took a roadtrip to a small town (surrounded by wind turbines) that was having a city-wide garage sale.  We bought two more doors at a garage sale, while someone was watching us load they mentioned they had 11 more doors at a farm shed - DONE. 

So we netted 15 old doors total for the weekend! 

The shed also produced this perfectly rusty old wagon.

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