Monday, September 29, 2014

September Tiny Town Auction Finds 9.26.14

The end of last month I attended the "last Friday of the month" Tiny Town Auction and posted about it.  I had last Friday free, so I returned for a repeat performance.  Same diverse crowd.  I followed the same plan -- just do the outdoor "warm up" auction which takes place before the "find a place to sit and make yourself comfortable until midnight" indoor auction.

Really unique funky stuff.  A friend of mine bought a salesman sample vault.  Not the kind of vault you keep valuables in...the kind of vault you keep a coffin in.  I wish I would have taken a photo of it.
There were a lot of "house pieces":  doors, windows, turbines (which look like turbans), lumber.  Some gorgeous mums brought in by Mennonites.  There were African masks. Animal traps. An old gasoline powered washing machine that was heavier than you can imagine.  Jackolopes made of real fur.

Some of my finds:

mini pumpkins & yet another pair of deer a

three huge insulators -- garden art?
wire baskets

cool green painted paper bins

black Americana rag dolls

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