Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lincoln Tale Of A Vintage Fall Fun Find 9.17.2015

While you get some peeks at Katie's treasures from Thursday, I'll tell you a little story:

Katie and I went to my Dad's bi-annual neighborhood sale in Lincoln Nebraska this week.  We scoured the neighborhood the night before to check out possibilities for Thursday. 

We did a "drive by" in front of a house that had some mid-century dining room stuff on the curb.  That made us sit up and pay attention.  We spied some great looking rusty stuff in a pile by the garage. 

I kicked Katie to the curb, and she finally found the guy around back in the process of cleaning out an outdoor area for a party. 

The guy was a self-professed "collector" (aren't we all?) and had to purge his overflow in the backyard quickly for this weekend's luau (you should have seen the tiki-bar -- where was my camera?).  Hence the curbside mid-century table and chairs, and rusty pile in limbo. 

A fairy tale ending...Yes, he was willing (anxious!) to part with the mid-century metal glider and wiry metal bench.  Katie and her keeper glider will live happily ever after.  My bench had to be left in Lincoln for now, but you can see what I brought home in a future post.

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  1. Oh the glider is killer!! I also like that bread box.


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