Tuesday, July 12, 2016

1930s PRIMERS & READERS Vintage Finds

This pile of Primers & Readers all came from a local on-line auction that I picked up last week.  I won several interesting items, but these were the best surprise.  The online auction photo only showed a few of these in the top of a tub, but there were scads more buried underneath.  Almost all of them were from the 1930s.

This was a set of 10 Readers from 1936.
Pre-Primer, Primer, and 1-8.
Of course each is progressively more difficult
and increases in vocabulary
(and decreases in illustrations, which is sad.)

These are the gorgeous illustrations
in the Pre-Primer.

I looked up the difference between Primer and Reader.
Reader is synonymous with "book".

The easiest level of  reader is a pre-primer.  The text is simple and often repetitive and/or predictable when viewing the book's illustrations.
Primer is the next step up from pre-primer in the world of leveled reading.  The text remains simple, but sentences are longer and more vocabulary is introduced.  Repetition is common, but not to the extent of the pre-primer text.  In our modern world, primer level starts at approximately the second half of first grade.  But these vintage Primers look pretty advanced for that.
Aren't these illustrations wonderful?
The books are all in vg condition for their age.

If I don't get them sold through ebay,
most of them look interesting enough to sell in my vintage booth.
And these are the cream of the crop. 
Two paperback Dick and Jane readers from 1936...

...with the sweetest illustrations.
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  1. In the UK back in the 60s we had the Anglicised version of Dick and Jane , still find them sometimes but much sought after

  2. The Dick and Jane ones are awesome!

  3. I love old readers and primers! I have a hard time of letting them go! The Dick and Jane ones are really great.

    xo Dianne

  4. I have a "thing" for books, and especially love old readers. I never knew Dick and Jane's went back to the 30's--learn something new every day! Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm--


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