Monday, July 4, 2016

Vintage Patriotic Purchases

Here is my brief homage to Independence Day.  R,W&B are not my favorite color combination (treason?) but I always pick up a few things around this time of year to decorate my booth.

And I really stay away from cutesy, craftsy items --
but this chicken was completed handcrafted and cost me a whole buck.

My husband's find.
Cute with little flags on a July Fourth table.

A patriotic project that I finished a few weeks ago,
click here to see that post.

My "book bundles" to sell this month and a
cute book with vintage flag stickers.
My fave patriotic find:
seven small 48 star flags,
they sold for $29 on ebay.
Item image
Vibrant tablecloth and quilt top -- both going on ebay.
Item image
The most interesting -- clay poker chips with a girl
bike rider circa 1900.  Now on ebay.

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