Friday, July 15, 2016

Vintage Real Photo Postcard Bonanza

I bought a box of real photo postcards at an auction about a month ago. This category is maybe one of my favorite things to sell.  I love to buy them, read the notes on the back, research them, imagine the people who purchased them and the time period they lived in.  It is a thin sliver of time caught on a postcard -- usually dating between 1905-1945.

I love the story this postcard tells...
could the photographer not even write straight?

These are two identical postcards:
Iceberg shaped café and gas station in New Mexico.
Plane and dog sled postcard from Alaska.

In this group of postcards I actually got TWO
of prize winning roosters.
I am keeping the other one for now.

People love their animals.

This thing looks like a submarine.

Amphibian airplane.

A snapshot of San Francisco.
All are going to ebay soon.
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  1. Nice collection of postcards. I find the one from Alaska with the sled dogs fascinating, oh and the man with the dogs :)


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