Saturday, July 23, 2016

7.16.16 Auction Finds -- LOOKIN' FOR SMALLS

I went to the weekly tiny town auction last Saturday morning with one thing in mind: "Do NOT buy anything large."
I am running out of storage space,

I need smalls to fill in my booth's nooks and crannies,
it is too hot to haul heavy things,

I needed a mental break from vanloads of junk,

I am doing a kind of local "sidewalk sale" next Wednesday
and I needed something besides...

the usual huge, rusty stuff.

And sometimes it just feels good to

step out of your rusty, junky comfort zone.

Just for one week, one auction...

and then I'll get right back in the rusty, junky, oversized fray.
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  1. Such a wonderful bunch of smalls!Those frames are just darling and that wooden/log pitcher is really something. Thanks so much for linking up all your posts at Vintage Charm :)


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