Thursday, July 28, 2016

Girls Nite Out On The Square

Our little town had a "Girl's Nite Out" on the square last night.
When it is 100+ degrees, you have to have some entertainment.
This was my little area.  Home based businesses were invited to
set up inside established businesses around the square.  For free.
I sat up inside a used furniture business.

The idea was to get ladies inside of businesses that they may not
normally frequent.  And of course it was great for the home based businesses as well.

I didn't sell a ton, but I made some good business contacts
and some good personal contacts.

This hanging cabinet was my best piece,
I just purchased it out of a barn a couple of weeks ago.
The stenciling is original.

The plants were my big sellers.

This was my other barn purchase.
Perfectly chippy green paint.
I had to use a ton of WD40 to get the spring hinges to work.
And I had to replace the glass front.

This was one of my neighbors.
Since this was one of the businesses on the square that had quite a
bit of space, about seven small businesses were in our building.
In addition to the jewelry and the one booth I have shown below,
there was photography, original artwork and a massage studio.

There was a mother - daughter team on my other side.
The mother did the paintings -- love the cow paintings.

The daughter does the plants...

and some great fairy gardens.
Lots of ladies, lots of fun.

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  1. What absolutely beautiful displays--wish I could have been there to shop! What a great idea, and such a great success. Thanks for sharing your posts with us at Vintage Charm :)


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