Saturday, April 16, 2016

Fur, Feathers and Vintage Flea Finds -- 4.15.2016

I went into this weekend knowing it was my second biggest buying weekend of the year.  That I needed to be well prepared, gassed up, plenty of cash...none of which happened.  Despite some amateurish slip-ups I still got quite a few good finds.

(I actually know all of the people that I got to pose for my photos this year.)
The newspaper I looked at advertised the small town "Swap Meet" for Saturday and Sunday.  I just happened to be travelling to an out-of-town garage sale Friday morning (not even super early) when I saw that most of the flea market was set up already!  ARGH!

They said that the vendors and Craig's List got the "correct" Friday morning start date.

This young man agreed to deliver my newly purchased "general store"
display case (resting under the blanket) to my vintage
decorator store location. 
Yes, I bought the wire basket too.

This little cutie (the short one!)
was in my "fur, feathers & flea finds"
post from this flea market last fall (click here to see that post.)
(Click here to read the "fur, feathers & flea flinds" post from last spring.)

As always, there was a plethora of farm
animals and birds to distract.

My husband chided me for the picture being
upside down, but I just purchased it for the frame.

Love the crusty animal feeders I find there.
I haven't found any quilts in quite awhile,
and this weekend I picked up three.
This X-stitch one is the only one I have a photo of.

Two great sets of antlers, homemade duck decoy
and aluminum cooler.  My aluminum coolers are
starting to accumulate.

We are crazy for croquet,
so loved the piece from an old box.

Most of what you are looking at will
become planters or garden décor.

I am going to (hopefully) take off these little metal
conveyer belt scoops and use as planters.

The basket upcycled from paper was purchased
by my mailman about an hour after this photo
was taken.  He does get first dibs, and great prices.

I don't know why these guys are lollygagging
around when there is so much pricing to be done.

Floor grates, so beautiful.

Stack of wonderful metal items.
What I REALLY needed were bigger pieces to
display on.  I picked up three dreamy ones.
Stay tuned for that post.

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